[Video] 10 hidden gems in Berlin

[Video] 10 hidden gems in Berlin

Ah, Berlin. Love it (or not) we can all agree that is it definitely a one of a kind city. As the capital and largest city in Germany, Berlin has long been hailed as the biggest melting pot of cultural diversity in the country. Following reunification in 1990, the city has firmly established its reputation as one of the most tolerant, creative and experimental cities in the world. 

Discover the best-unseen spots Berlin has to offer

Those who visit the city, or are lucky enough to live it in, are sure to know all the top sights and attractions to see, from its famous monuments like the Brandenburg Gate and TV Tower to the Museum Island and the Reichstag.

Many visitors are drawn to the city for its rich shopping streets and bustling flea markets, while others come to sample the local cuisine in any number of its Michelin star restaurants. Of course, Berlin is also famous for its thriving night-life culture, with clubs like the Berghain, Kitkat and Tresor known around the globe. 

But there is another side of Berlin to see, a side that has plenty of uncovered locations and special spots to discover and enjoy. If you want to enjoy the best the city has to offer like a local, then why not visit some of the spots highlighted in the MojoTravels video below? 

Not all of the activities mentioned may be up your alley, but we guarantee that you will have a great time exploring a different side of the city! Where will you be going?

Vivian Hendriksz


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