Munich Airport closes again due to snow and ice

Munich Airport closes again due to snow and ice

Update: As of the evening of December 5 the airport has re-opened but travel is still significantly disrupted.

Munich Airport has closed its doors for a second time this winter thanks to snow and icy weather. Most flights scheduled for December 5 are likely to be cancelled.

Flights from Munich Aiport cancelled until midday on December 5

Munich Airport was forced to close on Monday night following more heavy snow and ice in Bavaria

The airport announced that no flights will take off or land until 12pm on December 5. The airport apron and runways will be de-iced in the meantime, but if you do plan to travel after 12pm, it is also likely that your flight will be cancelled.

Passengers are advised to contact the airline with which they are flying to find out more personalised information about how to proceed.

Around 800 flights cancelled at Munich Airport

With around 770 flights scheduled to take off and land at the airport on December 5, many passengers will find themselves having to wait until the snow has thawed and it is safe to travel again.

Train transport has also been severely affected throughout the country, with Deutsche Bahn announcing that trains in southern Germany and public transport in Munich were likely to be disrupted until midweek.

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