Berlin’s BVG announces musical about a tram

Berlin’s BVG announces musical about a tram

Berlin’s public transport operator BVG has announced that it will put on a musical about a fictional tram named Tramara. The audience should leave their hopes of U8 despair and infamously-unfriendly-controller realism at the Kasse.

BVG sells out tickets for new musical in Berlin

Before you get too excited; the tickets are sold out, but it is still worth recognising the absurdity. The local public transport association in Berlin, the BVG, has announced that it will put on a musical about a tram.

“Full of action, drama and emotion”, just like any late-night U-Bahn ride, Tarifzone Liebe (Tariff Zone Love) tells the story of Tramara, who “day by day [...] travels through the city with the U-Laf train and Bus-Tav Bus by her side”.

It may sound questionable, but the piece hails from a much-acclaimed production team, including a musical director with Ku’damm 56 under his belt, alongside stars of Wicked and Hamilton. In terms of visuals, think of a Starlight Express-BVG mashup. 

BVG musical will run for two nights only at Admiralspalast

The show will run for two nights only, from December 4 to 5, 2023, with both performances beginning at 7pm at Admiralspalast in Mitte.

Those lucky enough to get their tickets in time before the show sold out were charged a hilarious 29 euros for their tickets, which will double up as valid for their journey to and from the show.

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