Spargeldöner fever: Berlin restaurant introduces Döner kebabs with asparagus

Spargeldöner fever: Berlin restaurant introduces Döner kebabs with asparagus

Germany’s love of both the Döner kebab and asparagus has been taken to a whole new level. A restaurant in Berlin called Kebap with Attitude has combined the two foods to form a new menu addition: the Spargeldöner. 

The Spargeldöner is a fresh take on a well-known classic

While asparagus season sees many German restaurants featuring asparagus on menus in every possible way, the chef at Kebap with Attitude, Felix Schneider took a new approach and put two of the country’s favourite foods together and named it “Döner Beelitzer Art”. In his creation, white asparagus is served on a Pide or Dürüm with grilled beef or falafel, lamb’s lettuce, hollandaise sauce, strawberry-ginger jam and wild garlic mayonnaise. 

Founded in 2019, the Berlin restaurant aims to bring together influences from both Turkish and German cultures on its menu while also incorporating contemporary aspects. The new addition to the menu is only available as long as the asparagus season lasts, so anyone who wishes to taste the Spargeldoner for themselves should grab one while they can!

Asparagus kebab also found in Bavaria

Berlin isn’t the only place in Germany to find asparagus served with Döner kebabs. In the small town of Abensburg in Bavaria, Elif Gül has been selling her Spargeldöner for five years already.  

The delicatessen owner serves her version in a classic way with kebab meat, salad, cabbage, hollandaise sauce and a small amount of onions. According to Gul, the kebab is very popular with people who like Spargel in the well-known asparagus region of Abensburg. 

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