Temperatures in Germany expected to climb to 30C this weekend

Temperatures in Germany expected to climb to 30C this weekend

After some thunderstorms, Germany will face a wave of hot weather in the coming days, with nationwide temperatures in the 20s and highs of 30 degrees celsius forecast for the southwest this weekend.

Hot weather forecast for Germany this weekend

Hot and sticky temperatures are set to hit Germany a little earlier than normal as highs reaching 30 degrees are forecast for the latter half of the week.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, grey skies and rain have been forecast in Upper Franconia, parts of Thuringia, Saxony and southern Brandenburg. Southeastern Bavaria could even see some thunder and lightning. 

Despite the clouds, temperatures of between 20 and 28 degrees are expected as the week goes on. Thunderstorms will break out in many local areas but are not expected to cause any widespread disruption. Going into the weekend, after the storms pass to the east and southeast, temperatures in the southwest will rise to 30 degrees or even slightly hotter.

Wildfires continue in Brandenburg and Harz Mountains

According to the German Weather Service (DWD), even at higher altitudes, hotter summer temperatures in Germany are becoming more regular, with the service warning that “summers that are extremely hot for us today will be the norm by the end of the century."

Since July and June are normally the warmest months in Germany, “hot days” or “heat days”, days where the temperature is 30 degrees or hotter, are now occurring earlier in the year.

In the past weeks, Germany has already seen its first wildfires of 2023. Tourists were evacuated from the Harz Mountains on Monday after a blaze broke out on Königsberg and a forest fire on a former military training area south of Berlin has been sweeping through the 326-hectare area since May 31. The emergency services remain on-site with 50 firefighters.

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