2023 Deutsche Bahn delays already worse than expected

2023 Deutsche Bahn delays already worse than expected

January and February are normally good months when it comes to Deutsche Bahn punctuality, but 2023 has already managed to surpass delay expectations. In Berlin, the suspected cause is a surprising one…

Deutsche Bahn already slipping below standards for 2023

In the grand scheme of things, January and February are meant to be good months for Deutsche Bahn when it comes to delays. However, the giant of German long-distance public transport has managed to turn that on its head for 2023, with punctuality rates already significantly below those of the same months in 2022.

“It’s not going so good,” said company representative Alexander Kaczmarek to the Berliner Zeitung. “January is usually the best month for us,” Kaczmarek admitted. Less construction work in cold weather normally means fewer delays. But only 71,8 percent of Deutsche Bahn trains that ran between January 1 and February 9 managed to pull into the station on time, or with a delay of no more than five minutes and 59 seconds. 

Live-fast Berliners causing DB train delays

So what is it that has meant Deutsche Bahn has got off to such a poor start in 2023? According to the international company, Berliners seeking a thrill and crossing the train tracks are to blame for delays in the German city and its surrounding areas - meaning that passengers themselves are partly to blame for the low punctuality rate. 

Kaczmarek said that the number of people crossing the tracks in Berlin and Brandenburg is “higher than ever” but the company is bewildered by what the reason could be. “We are asking ourselves what people want,” said Kaczmarek, “It’s actually a bit mad."

A deficiency of public toilets could be one motivation? Kaczmarek pointed out that the Berlin's S- and U-Bahn station Schönhauser Allee is a particularly irresistible spot for can’t-hold-it-in risk takers who cross the tracks to relieve themselves in the bushes opposite.

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