Deutsche Bahn announces 10-euro ticket summer deal

Deutsche Bahn announces 10-euro ticket summer deal

Deutsche Bahn has announced that travellers will be able to get tickets for under 10 euros for certain short-distance ICE journeys until midsummer.

Deutsche Bahn tickets for under 10 euros

The 49-euro ticket subscription is great. But for certain longer journeys using the ticket does require some patience and a good book to pass the time, as you are often forced to take multiple chugging regional trains to get between German cities.

If you find that your patience has already run dry, Deutsche Bahn has announced a new, limited summer deal which might be just the ticket. Between June 11 and July 31, 2023, passengers will be able to buy tickets for just 9,90 euros for shorter journeys on ICE trains, including - but not limited to - stretches between Cologne and Düsseldorf, Hamburg and Bremen, Dresden and Leipzig or Augsburg and Munich.

The reduced tickets will only be sold for second-class journeys and Deutsche Bahn will release 1 million tickets as part of the summer deal.

BahnCard holders will get even greater summer discounts

The 10-euro ticket summer deal will begin the day after the Friends Discount group ticket deal ends on June 10. As is the case with the Friends Discount, BahnCard holders will be able to get an even bigger reduction on their travel costs.

In the 10-euro ticket summer deal, anyone who has a BahnCard 25 or 50 can get their tickets for short journeys for as little as 7,40 euros.

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