6 most beautiful libraries in Germany

6 most beautiful libraries in Germany

For hundreds of years, books have comforted us in times of chaos, added a sprinkle of drama to mundane days and sparked ideas to change the world. This World Book Day, be sure to take some time to grab a great book, sit somewhere cosy and jump right in! 

While some people are able to focus on reading anywhere, sometimes a little peace and quiet makes getting into a book much easier. With that in mind, here are some of the best spots in Germany, for every type of book-lover!

Best for intricate design: Benediktinerabtei Metten Bibliothek, Bavaria

Looking to see some stunning architecture? Look no further than this stunning library situated in Metten Abbey, a Catholic abbey founded in the year 766 AD. The abbey in Bavaria was a safe haven for more than 1.000 refugees during the Second World War and like many others, hosted students as a boarding school. St.-Michaels-Gymnasium is a school still run by the abbey.

The interior of the library building boasts a large ballroom, dining room and large stained glass windows. The library itself holds 35.000 books and there is a modern library that visitors can see during guided tours at the monastery.

Best for minimalists: Stadtbibliothek Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg

If you’re searching for an Instagram-approved reading spot, check out the Stadtbibliothek in Stuttgart. Though the clinical white walls may not be to everyone’s taste, this famous library is quite the minimalist venue for a little daytime reading. 

The contrasting white staircases and decor, with boldly colourful books on the shelves make the library an eye-catching affair - perfect for those looking to share the events of their day on social media!

stuttgart library germany

Best for history: German National Library, Saxony

The German National Library, with buildings situated in Leipzig and Frankfurt, is home to some of the country’s largest collections of historical records, archives and literary artefacts - a true treat for history enthusiasts! Even the library itself is historic - founded in 1912.

The library collects copies of all books published in the German language, so if you’re looking for some great German books to explore - the German National Library could be the best place for you!

Best for studying: Foster Library, Berlin

Not looking to enjoy reading, but looking for a new place to study? Try the Foster Library at the Freie Universität Berlin! The Philological Library of the university is shaped like a brain and hosts collections of books from many different academic disciplines, such as Classics, Slavic Studies and Philosophy.

This library in Berlin was named after the British architect Norman Foster, who played a strong role in the library’s creation. Thanks to the studious atmosphere of the place, you’ll be sure to get some peace and quiet and hopefully get some great work completed!

Best for pyramid-lovers: Ulm City Library, Baden-Württemberg

What would you say if we said your new favourite reading spot could be a giant glass pyramid in the centre of a German city? Thanks to the Ulm City Library, this could be the reality, since the entire building is made from glass to enhance the organisation's theme of transparency.  

There are virtually no walls in the library and the glass pyramid structure allows you to enjoy the surroundings while exploring the library inside. Built in 2004, the library gives the old town of Ulm an injection of modern design, while overlooking the city’s historic town hall.

ulm library germany

Best for bold design: Cottbus Technical University Library, Brandenburg

If you like German architecture in a modern style, the Cottbus Technical University Library offers a great compromise between bold design and well-thought-out architectural concepts. The building, which has no corners or edges, contrasts impressively with the rectangular books that lie within its walls, and offers a vastly different design to other German libraries. 

The inside of the building has a bright clashing colour scheme to impress visitors on arrival and has a range of rooms with low ceilings for an intimate feeling and rooms with higher ceilings for a more airy atmosphere.

Happy World Book Day!

Now that you’ve found a great spot to explore Germany’s literary scene, it’s time to grab a good book and dive right in. Whether it's fictional or factual, we hope you enjoy it! Happy World Book Day!



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