December to arrive with flurry of snow and wintry weather in Germany

December to arrive with flurry of snow and wintry weather in Germany

Next week marks the start of meteorological winter, and the weather in Germany seems to have got the memo. It will be taking a turn for the chilly by the end of this week, with cold and wet air heading this way. The conditions are ripe for snow - and even some of the country’s low-lying areas could be in for a sprinkle.   

Winter arrives in Germany in time for first Advent weekend

Just in time for the first Advent weekend, winter will properly arrive in Germany on Thursday, as a bank of low-pressure air pulls up from the Gulf of Genoa to the south of the federal republic, bringing with it moisture, wind and cold temperatures. 

“In Germany, that clears the way for cold, wet polar air and the first (early) onset of winter of the season,” said meteorologist Björn Alexander of Not only will Germany’s mountainous regions to the south and east be in for a dusting, but by next week the snow line could descend even further, bringing white weather to low-lying areas in the north and west of the country. Even Hamburg and Berlin could spot a few flakes! 

Snow heaviest in southern Germany

The Alps and the Bavarian Forest will be the first regions to benefit from the snowfall, according to the German Weather Service (DWD), which is predicting five to 10 centimetres of fresh snow on Friday in regions 300 metres or more above sea level. In some places, it could be even more. 

According to, snowflakes will fall across the southern half of the country, south of the line between Stuttgart and Dresden. Munich could see some snowfall, but it will more likely turn to slush in the streets. 

After a brief lull, more snowy weather will hit Germany over the weekend, starting in the west and gradually covering the south of the country and possibly even reaching the east. Between one and five centimetres is expected in lower-lying areas, and up to 30 centimetres in the Alps! Saarland, Westphalia, Emsland and the Lüneberg Heath will likely be blanketed in white by Sunday.

Cold weather bites next week

All of the signs point towards another week of cold weather next week as December arrives. The forecast is still uncertain, but there are some indications of a turbulent weather front that could see snow hitting German cities like Hamburg, Berlin and Kiel. Even if the snow fails to materialise, it’s certain that things will be getting wintry and frosty. The temperature is not likely to exceed six degrees. 

Drivers are therefore being warned to prepare for winter road conditions before setting out this weekend. In mountainous areas especially, it’s time to fit winter tyres to your car, but even at lower altitudes the roads could become slippery and treacherous from sleet and heavy rainfall. Take care out there!



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