These are the most popular outdoor swimming pools in Germany

These are the most popular outdoor swimming pools in Germany

The weather in Germany is hotting up, and people are searching for somewhere to cool off. Small wonder then, that people are researching outdoor pools on the internet. But which spots are proving most popular, and why? 

Where do people in Germany like to swim in summer?

With airports in Germany in chaos, and the cost of living crisis biting, plenty of people are taking the opportunity to spend the summer holidays within the federal republic this year. As well as hiking in national parks, snoozing on balconies or German beaches, or using the 9-euro ticket for a cheap staycation, this means an obligatory visit to one of the country’s lidos.

But where are most people heading? Using online search data, the team at have pulled together some data on Germany’s most popular outdoor pools - which, depending on the way you see it, might be the spots to hit, or the ones to avoid if you want to swerve the crowds. 

Westbad Regensburg, Ungererbad Munich and Brentanobad Frankfurt firm favourite pools

They found that the Westbad in Regensburg, Bavaria, is the most-searched lido in the country, pulling in 103.300 online searches each month. This spot is a firm favourite with families, thanks to its adventure pool with water slides, a water swing, a grotto and a small island. There’s even a beach volleyball court, a small spa, and a beach cafe.

The second most-searched-for pool is also in Bavaria: the Ungererbad in Munich, which counts a 57-metre slide among its attractions and gets 84.380 searches each month. The Brentanobad in Frankfurt - which is Europe’s largest outdoor pool - completes the top three, with 69.230 searches each month. 

The most searched-for outdoor pools in Germany

Time for a dip! Here are the top most-searched-for outdoor pools in Germany, according to 

  1. Westbad Regensburg (103.330 monthly searches)
  2. Ungererbad, Munich (84.380)
  3. Brentanobad, Frankfurt (69.230)
  4. Sommerbad Kreuzberg, Berlin (68.480)
  5. Schyrenbad, Munich (64.250)
  6. Fildorado, Filderstadt (near Stuttgart) (56.830)
  7. Westbad, Munich (56.020)
  8. Freibad Ingolstadt (54.240)
  9. De Bütt, Hürth (54.150)
  10. Copa ca Rackum, Herten (49.700)

Of course, if you don’t fancy a dip in the pool, you can always head to one of Germany's most popular outdoor swimming spots. Dive in!



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