Temperatures in Germany forecast to climb to 28C this weekend

Temperatures in Germany forecast to climb to 28C this weekend

Rain and wind will turn into sun and highs of 28 degrees celsius in Germany this weekend, according to forecasts from the German Weather Service (DWD).

Warm and sunny weather headed to Germany this weekend

Following a warm Easter holiday which saw Saharan dust cloud the air across Germany, sunny weather will be cranked up another notch in the federal republic this weekend.

Temperatures will begin to rise on Friday morning, with 21 degrees expected in Berlin by the evening, 20 degrees in Cologne, 23 degrees in Munich and Nuremberg and 24 degrees in Stuttgart as the weekend commences.

Warm conditions will prevail into Saturday, with 25 degrees forecast for Berlin, Hamburg and Dresden. Bremen, Leipzig and Konstanz will see 26 degrees, locals in Munich, Saarbrücken and Nuremberg will see 27 degrees, while highs of 29 degrees will be reserved for around Cologne and Frankfurt

Temperatures will begin to drop on Sunday but intermittent sunshine and highs of 28 will prevail in Munich and push up to Dresden.

Germany sees warmest March since records began

The summer-like heat forecast arriving so early in April follows the warmest March logged in Germany since records began in 1881. 

During March 2024 the average temperature in Germany was 7,5 degrees celsius, which significantly exceeds the previous average March temperature record of 7,2 degrees, seen in 2017.

Warmer temperatures during early spring in Germany can have manifold consequences later in the year, such as disrupting the hibernation patterns of animals, extending allergy season and bringing harvest season forward to August, meaning that fruit and vegetables must be artificially cooled once they have been picked.

March also saw the UN Weather Agency (WMO) issue its “red alert” on climate following the warmest February ever recorded and predictions that 2024 will be the hottest year ever.

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