Berlin isn't home to the best döners in Germany

Berlin isn't home to the best döners in Germany

More than 50 years ago, the döner sandwich kebab was first invented in Berlin, and the rest - as they say - is history. But while the capital city might be the original home of the German national dish, it’s not necessarily where the best kebabs in the country are to be found, according to a new study, at least. 

Where in Germany can you get the best döner?

The delivery service Lieferando has analysed prices and customer reviews across the 10 German cities with the highest concentration of kebab shops, to discover where in the country you can find the best and cheapest delicious meat, salad and sauce sandwiches. 

Of course, there are major regional variations across Germany, with different places doing things their own way when it comes to the selection of sauces and bread, but Lieferando set out to name a German kebab capital - looking at each city’s concentration of kebab shops, their customer ratings, and the average prices. 

Dresden crowned Germany’s kebab capital

It might surprise you to discover that Berlin wasn’t named Germany’s kebab capital. That accolade goes instead to Dresden, the state capital of Saxony, where Lieferando found a wide variety of kebab shops with an average rating of 4,31 out of 5 (the highest on the list) and an average price of 4,96 euros. 

Second place went to Nuremberg in Bavaria, with an average kebab shop rating of 4,26 and an average price of 5,09 euros. Bottom of the list was Hamburg, with a disappointing 11,04 kebab shops per 100.000 inhabitants. The real rub with the Hanseatic city was that its döners were the most expensive on the list (an average of 6,03 euros), despite having the lowest overall rating (4,07). 

Berlin did manage to claim the crown of being the city with the highest density of kebab shops - 17,72 per 100.000 residents - while the cheapest döner are to be found in Bremen, where the average price is 4,67 euros. The lowest density of kebab shops is in Cologne, at just 7,68 per 100.000 inhabitants. 

The best cities in Germany for döner kebabs

The best döner cities in Germany, according to Lieferando, are as follows:

  1. Dresden 
  2. Nuremberg
  3. Berlin
  4. Bremen
  5. Frankfurt am Main
  6. Stuttgart
  7. Cologne
  8. Munich
  9. Düsseldorf
  10. Hamburg


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